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Wiyot people have lived in the Humboldt Bay region for thousands of years. The North Coast of California is rich with abundant terrestrial, riverine, estuarine, and marine resources. Wiyot people lived in permanent villages along the waterways which also served as travel and trade routes. Seasonal camps were made on the tribal lands and prairies, and mountainous regions provided berries, acorns, pine nuts, wild game, and basketry materials. Wiyot people actively managed their resources, burning for open grasslands, cultivating edible bulbs, and following strict hunting and fishing protocols.

Pictured below are the dancers from the Brush Dance Demonstration that happened at the Elders Gathering July 25th, 2009 at Betmet.  All the girls are in traditional regalia for this ceremony.

Wiyot Tribe's Community Calendar

For more information pertaining to the Wiyot Tribe's calendar of events, please call the Tribal Office at 707-733-5055.

PUBLIC NOTICE - Update of Tribal NPS Assessment and Management Plan Documents

In accordance with USEPA Clean Water Act §319 requirements, the Natural Resources Department has issued draft Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment and Management Plan documents. The assessment summarizes nonpoint pollution sources and threats on the reservation and the management plan describes the Tribe’s approach over the next five (5) years to preventing pollution from sources identified in the assessment.

The documents are updated every five years.  Draft versions of the current update are open to public comment from 7/14/15 to 8/13/15.  The final versions of the documents (which will incorporate comments made through 8/13/15) will be available for public review in September 2015.  If you would like to review the documents, please follow the links below titled “NPS Assessment” and “NPS Management Plan.”  Please provide comments, no later than 8-13-15, to Tim Nelson via email (tim@wiyot.us) or in writing to:


Tim Nelson

1000 Wiyot Dr.

Loleta, CA 95551


NPS Assessment

NPS Management Plan