Rou Soulatlouy conversation book project

Our first workshop was attended by Tsek Houdaqh participants & several Tribal staff. 

Conversation topics we brainstormed in Workshop 1:

  • Dinner-table conversation
  • Cleaning (clean up your room, wash your hands, etc.)
  • Hobbies & sports

One of the example sentences that was suggested was "Can you please put your jacket on, it's going to be cold today." To keep things simple, let's break this into two sentences and see how we might construct them based on language data in the Wiyot archives:

  • Can you please put your jacket on?
  • It's going to be cold today.
  • Wurrulaqh gutslhawik gitga. constructed Wiyot sentence based on:
    • Gutslhawik.  = 'It's cold.' (DP-kt)  /  Gutsplhawik.  = 'It's cold.' (??-gr)     

    • wurrulaqh  = 'today' (NR+DP-kt)

    • Gewa'y/gouwa'y gutslhawik gitga.  = 'It's going to be cold tomorrow.' (??-jc)

We hope you'll join us next time! December workshops:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 11, 4-6 p.m. in the Big Room at Table Bluff
  • Thursday, Dec. 19, 4-6 p.m. in the Big Room at Table Bluff
Abbreviations for sources used
Wiyot speakerResearcher
??speaker unknowngrGladys Reichard (linguist, worked on Wiyot in 1922)
DPDella PrincejcJeremiah Curtin (linguist, worked on Wiyot in 1889)
NRNettie Rossigkt
Karl Teeter (linguist, worked on Wiyot 1956-58)