Posted on: January 11, 2018

Nominations for Vice-Chairman

The following position  is up for election in April of 2018, Vice Chairman. Nominations for vacant Tribal Council position will be accepted at the Tribal office beginning January 1 and nominations end on January t, 2018. All nominations must be postmarked by or received in the Tribal office by close of business on January 15 in order to be valid. Nominations must be submitted in writing by one eligible voter and signed by the eligible tribal member nominee in accordance with Article IV of the Constitution. The nomination document must specify the following information: Submittal date of the nomination, name of the nominee, position to which the nominee wishes to be elected, name and signature of The person making the nomination, signature of the person being nominated, background (relations, number of meetings attended, committees or boards). Nomination forms are available at the Tribal office. Official notifications of qualified nominees will be listed in the February Tribal Newsletter. Between the months of February and April, but before the elections meeting all nominees will submit at least one article to the Tribal Newsletter or participate in at least one Town Hall meeting to discuss issues they and their constituents find important to the Tribe.

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