2. Words with the "e" sound


Click on the audio player below each word to hear it spoken.

BetsThis place name was pronounced "Buts" by at least one Wiyot speaker (Amos Riley). Many Wiyot words such as qus/qes (hill), mus/mes (fire) etc. can be pronounced with either "e" or "u", so perhaps this is one of them.
Spoken by Della Prince:

tsekSpoken by Nettie Rossig:

melh_velhMany Wiyot words can start with "m" OR "v" with no change in meaning.
Spoken by Nettie Rossig (melh) & Della Prince (velh):

be’lSpoken by Nettie Rossig:

we’nSpoken by Della Prince:

we’sSpoken by Weaver Denman, Nettie Rossig, & Della Prince: