30. Words with the "w" sound


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witSpoken by Della Prince and Nettie Rossig:

wa’lIt's not clear whether this word refers to any type of fish eggs, or just to salmon eggs/roe.
Spoken by Weaver Denman and Della Prince:

WigiSpoken by Nettie Rossig and Della Prince:

welilhSpoken by Weaver Denman:

wunikThe linguist Gladys Reichard (interviewing Wiyot speakers Elsie Barto and Jerry James) translated this word as 'neighbor', but Mrs. Prince told the linguist Karl Teeter that it means 'the house next door'. It appears that different speakers used the word differently, perhaps due to speaking slightly different dialects.
Spoken by Della Prince:

wa’mulSpoken by Della Prince: