Vision and Values

Shou’r (ocean): Vision - the ocean where all rivers lead

We are restoring balance to our region by restoring Wiyot people's reciprocal relationship with their ancestral land. 

We call on native and non-native peoples to join us in healing the intergenerational trauma of settler-colonialism and reimagining our region’s future in the face of environmental and social change.

Phlutk (stone): Values - the hard rocks that shape the river’s course

Wiyot culture, leadership, and knowledge guide our work. We return Wiyot land to tribal ownership and actively work to decolonize our thinking and practices. 

Rooted in Place
Our projects take place on ancestral Wiyot land. We cultivate an intentional relationship to the land and work responsibly within its limits. We celebrate the unique opportunities of each site by honoring Wiyot history and culture, our natural world, and the needs of our community. 

We focus on healing our land, our economy, and our relationships. We build for future generations by investing in environmental restoration and deep green building practices. We integrate transformative and non-extractive workforce development opportunities that generate local power and prosperity.

We invite all people living in Wiyot ancestral lands, native and non-native, to join us in restoring balance to our home. We acknowledge past harms and trust indigenous leadership. We believe in our interconnectedness and pursue projects that will benefit all people in our community as well as animals, plants, earth, water, and air. 

Dishgamu means love. Our work is rooted in care for all people, beings, and land. We believe in the durability and power of love. We invest in and rehabilitate unloved and forgotten places. We believe that practicing love is key to decolonization, healing, and restoring balance.