Wiyot Words in the 2015 Language Calendar

Wiyot words in the 2015 language calendar:

  • Goutseyouwilh Valhuk: one year (literally, 'salmon come once')
  • January tswal: steelhead Goutgudaluqh: January ('one month') Goushipguluvughurruk (WAV): New Year's Day ('year starts again')
  • February gou'daw (WAV): eelRridutgudaluqh February ('two months')
  • March houlhi' (WAV): clamsdouguwu'n: cocklesRrikutgudaluqh: March ('three months')Gawu gutgadughurruk: first day of spring ('spring begins')
  • April we'daw: salmonberriesgutswurradi: checkered lily (fritillaria) bulbs/garlic (literally 'has a lot of children') Yagaboukva'r (WAV): April ('the one that is never counted')
  • May hiwat (WAV): abaloneWe'sagh Hulutgudaluqh: May ('five months')
  • Junetigha'ri': troutmip (WAV): blackberriesDuklhulouk Hulutgudaluqh: June ('six months')
  • Julybouderoush: Brodiaeia bulbs, a.k.a. "Indian potatoes"siswayuplhi': seaweed (lit. 'black bunches')Ha'luw Hulutgudaluqh: July ('seven months')
  • August halhuqh (PDF): deerboukshughutsguqhe': thimbleberries (lit. 'little one hangs upside down')Hiwiduw Hulutgudaluqh: August ('eight months')
  • Septemberga'muk: acorns (also acorn soup)bitw: mortartou'l: pestlevou'gul: huckleberriesVushurouk Hulutgudaluqh: September ('nine months')
  • Octobervalhuk: salmon (lit. 'to feast')Rrulouk Hulutgudaluqh: October ('ten months')Gouwil Goutsuwe'n: CA Indian Day ('Indian one sky = day')
  • Novembersuplh: crabsVegoutsutgudaluqh: November ('eleven months')
  • Decembervichush: musselsVerridutgudaluqh: December ('twelve months')Bawu'n: First day of winter ('rain = winter')
  • January 2015:halalilh: ducks (lit. 'it flies around')guluwesweda'di': pintail sprigbitsouwarretskuqhe': sea snailsdugak: quail

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