23. Words with the "qh" sound


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viqhulSpoken by Nettie Rossig and Della Prince:

maqh/vaqhThe word for "black bear" is one of many Wiyot words that can be pronounced with either an initial "m" OR an initial "v", with no change in meaning (see "m" words and "v" words for more examples).

Maqh spoken by Weaver Denman, Della Prince, and Nettie Rossig:

Vaqh spoken by Della Prince:

hiqhThe Wiyot words for louse/lice, snow/hail, and deerskin are all pronounced hiqh (they are homonyms = words with different meanings but the same pronunciation, like English "pair" & "pear").

Spoken by Weaver Denman, Nettie Rossig, and Della Prince:

duqhSpoken by Nettie Rossig:

quqhSpoken by Nettie Rossig:

qhunshabughSpoken by Della Prince: