Rou Soulatlouy conversation book project

This project was funded by IMLS Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services Grant no. MN-00-19-0028-19.

Coming soon!!! Soulatluk conversation books for Wiyot Tribal Members

We are completing final edits and will send the book to the printer later this month (August 2023). Once printed, free copies will be mailed to every enrolled Tribal Member (likely in September or October 2023). We will be uploading a digital version of the book right here, so keep an eye on this page!

Meanwhile, enjoy the wonderful cover art contributed by Lyn Risling (all rights reserved; do not reproduce this image without permission!)

The Soulatluk phrases on the cover offer a preview of conversations found in the book:

  • Ha'wa'lou = hello
  • Yil Soulatluk = I am a Wiyot person
  • Wiya't darrudalilh = I'm from/I belong at Eel River
  • Baduwa't darrudalilh = I'm from/I belong at Humboldt Bay
  • Wigi darrudalilh = I'm from/I belong at Mad River
  • Da ledik = It's sunny. / The sun is shining.
  • Doupa'wurr. = It's raining.
  • Rra'dughurr. = It's windy. / The wind is blowing.