Rou Soulatlouy - Qilhwa wayitsu'l? (dogs)

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NOTE: You will often see two or three different pronunciations of the same word or phrase by different speakers (or even by the same speaker at different times). This is normal, and neither pronunciation is more "correct" than the other! We give both/all pronunciations to show the richness and variety of Soulatluk, and to honor all of the elder speakers who recorded the language.

* indicates a phrase that was reconstructed by language staff, based on similar phrases by elder speakers.

Qilhwa wayitsu’l? [??-jc]Whose dog is it?
1. rrou wayits [EB-gr](it is) my dog
2. ku wayits [??-jc](it is) your dog
3. hou wayitsu’l [EB-gr](it is) his/her dog
4. Yil rrou wayits goutsurr [rri’durr, rrikurr...].*I have one [two, three...] dog(s).
5. Rru wayits goutsu rruqh. [EB-gr]My dog is good. / My dogs are good.
6. Rrou wayits siswupt [saghupt, mulouyawupt].*My dog is black [reddish, white].
7. Tutgadadilh. [JS-gr]
Dughulutgupt. [DP-kt]
It’s spotted.
8. Wayits da lelevilh. [??-jc]
Wayits da lu’luvilh. [DP-kt]
The dog is barking.
9. Wayits hi lu lhikulilh. [EB-gr]The dog ran.
10. Wayits dukdoulilh. [EB-gr]The dog swims/swam across.
11. Wayits dou’wit! [EB-gr]Feed the dog!
12. Hi’ doumu’. [JJ-gr]I fed it/him/her.
13. Gourra wayits huwaturr / payaturr. [EB-gr]That dog stinks/smells bad.
14. Kouna shawak wayits. [JS-gr]Yesterday I lost my dog.
15. Wurrulaqh gou goutsughurruvu’.*Today I found it again.

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